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4/10/11 At Minute Maid Park

Today I really redeemed myself. I went to the last game of the series Astros V.S Marlins. This time my whole family went. It was a 1:05 start and I got there as soon as the gates opened. Today they were honoring Michael Bourn for winning his 2nd gold glove and going it in back-to back years.

After getting the bobblehead that they they giving out also. As soon as I got there, the Marlins wouldn’t throw a ball up into the stands like Friday. Finally, Leo Nunez tossed me up a ball, giving me my 1st of the year. About 15 minutes after that, a HR came in MY direction. My dad was with me so he reached over and made a clean catch. About everyone were cheering.

So far I had two balls. I was trying to beg for another one and even trying what Zack Hample has said how to get a player to throw a ball in his new book. Eventually at the end of BP, Edward Mujica tossed one up into the stands and I caught it which gave me three at the end of BP.

I went to go meet up with my mom and show her all three balls. After this I went to go see the Marlins warm-up. I really wasn’t expecting a ball to be tossed to me. Later on, Logan Morrison had went to get a ball from a player’s glove. Soon after, there was only a dirty ball. He looked at it and I guess it was such a disgrace to him, that he tossed up to me because I was the only one watching them. Wow.

After that, the game started and I watched the Astros finally win and later in the game, Mujica came out and pitched. He got ejected after a HBP that he ment to throw at Bill Hall. But they got revenge went the Astros manager and pitcher was ejected for a HBP. It was interesting. I also went down to the batboy to try to get another ball but it appears that they don’t give out the balls anymore at the end of the game. Really disapointing but it was still a good day and I really redeemed myself from friday.


4 Balls

Season Balls: 4

Lifetime Balls: 47

Attendence: 22,299