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2015: My Ballhawking Year In Review

APRIL: 21 balls in 3 games

  • Tuesday, April 14th VS A’s- 12 snagged
  • Saturday, April 18th VS Angels- 3 snagged
  • Thursday, April 30th VS Mariners- 6 snagged

In April, I knew after our first game, we were going to have a good year. We snagged 12, (breaking our single-game record on the first game of the year?!) therefore having the best average on mygameballs.com for two days, hah. Our second game, it was a crowded weekend game against the Angels, and it was 1965 throwback night. That was COOL, seeing the grounds crew in Astronaut suits (they did that in the Astrodome too) and the giveaway? Amazing. Snagged 3 that night. Our 3rd game, was a weeknight game against the Mariners, and it was gorgeous that night. Snagged 6.

MAY: 36 balls in 3 games

  • Sunday, May 3rd VS Mariners- 2 snagged
  • Tuesday, May 5th VS Rangers- 4 snagged
  • Wednesday, May 13th VS Giants- 6 snagged
  • Friday, May 15th VS Blue Jays- 11 snagged
  • Saturday, May 16th VS Blue Jays- 4 snagged
  • Friday, May 29th VS White Sox- 9 snagged

I ended up going to the last game of the 4 game series on that Sunday against the Mariners, but even with no BP, I snagged two. The next two games, (5/5 Cinco de Mayo against the Rangers, 5/13 against the Giants) I have very little/no recollection of them, except the fact that we snagged our 300th ball on the 4 ball night and 6 at the Giants game. Two days later, we went to a Friday night game in against the Blue Jays, in which everything was going right. We snagged 11 (our 2nd double digit game of the year.) and ended up going the next day too, and snagged 4. Our last game of May, was another one in which everything clicked, we snagged 9 that day, giving us a new record for most balls snagged in a month. The major thing though, was that I snagged a Jose Altuve Foul ball that day, and was included in my Top 5 Baseballs Snagged (So Far) blog post.

JUNE- 27 balls in 5 games 

  • Monday, June 1st VS Orioles- 5 snagged
  • Friday, June 12th VS Mariners- 9 snagged
  • Monday, June 15th VS Rockies- 3 snagged
  • Thursday, June 25th VS Yankees- 2 snagged
  • Monday, June 29th VS Royals- 8 snagged

The first game of the month was a BEAUTIFUL day. It was against the Orioles and I remember that their BP was awful. On the bright side, it was on this day that I met Erik Jabs, a fellow ballhawk who was in town, but we didn’t get a picture! Next time hopefully. The next game was a Friday night against the Mariners, and it was Carlos Correa’s home debut. What a night. He homered, and the Astros scored 8 runs in the first off “King” Felix Hernandez to knock him out of the game. Even better, we snagged 9 that day. (I also met the legendary mascot, Orbit. I love him.) Three days later, we tried to take advantage of the park as a tropical storm was coming towards Houston that night, and we thought that nobody would go, so naturally, we went to the game! Attendance was indeed low, but we only snagged 3. Rockies BP sucked. Our next game, was a game against the Yankees. Ballhawking nightmare. People all over the place, and honestly I thought I was going to be shutout, until the last 5 minutes, I snagged a BP homer on the fly. Only snagged 2 that day. 4 days later, in a game against the Royals (their fans travel well, that’s what a World Series appearance does) we made up for the sub-par last two games, by snagging 8. Nice month.

JULY- 17 balls in 4 games

  • Friday, July 10th (Astros @ Rays, Tropicana Field)- 6 snagged
  • Friday, July 17th VS Rangers- 5 snagged
  • Wednesday, July 22nd VS Red Sox- 1 snagged
  • Thursday, July 30th VS Angels- 5 snagged

A road trip to Florida (to go to Disney) also led to me asking to visit Tropicana Field, in which we did. Coincidentally, the Astros were in town! I blogged about it (my 1st post of 2015), but in summary; Turf was ugly, ballpark lacks a lot, the Astros lost (sad face), and we snagged 6. A week later back in Houston, in a game against the Rangers, we snagged 5. A few days later, the Red Sox were in town. I knew it would be tough, but I had to go. With attending that game, I have now seen ALL 30 TEAMS. I was lucky enough to snag 1 ball that day (a before the inning warm-up ball), as it was crowded, and got shutout in BP. The last game in the month that I attended, it was against the Angels. I don’t remember much about this game other than the fact that we snagged our 100th ball of the season.

AUGUST- 17 balls in 6 games

  • Saturday, August 1st VS D-Backs- 1 Snagged
  • Friday, August 14th VS Tigers- 3 Snagged
  • Monday, August 17th VS Rays- 3 Snagged
  • Thursday, August 20th VS Rays- 5 Snagged
  • Sunday, August 23rd VS Dodgers- 1 Snagged
  • Saturday, August 29th (Rangers VS Orioles, Globe Life Park)- 4 Snagged

What a slow month. The first game of this month was a Graig Biggio replica jersey giveaway day. OMG, the lines were bigger than I had thought that day. Plus, it was a Saturday, and it was crowded to the max, but I managed to snag 1 that day. The next games were rough. A crowded Friday night game against the Tigers, we only snagged 3, and we decided to go to a Monday night game against the Rays because tickets were CHEAP (no one wants to see the Rays), and the paid attendance ended up being only 16,256. We snagged 3 too on that day. We went back 3 days later for the last game of the 4-game series against the Rays, and fared better, snagging 5, but as for the game itself, Chris Archer threw a 1-hitter. Remarkably, the next day, the new acquire the Astros got from a trade, Mike Fiers, threw a no-hitter against the Dodgers. We ended up going to the last game of that series, a Sunday game, in which I snagged 1, keeping the streak alive. The next weekend, we took a trip to Arlington (2nd blog post of the season), in which we snagged 4.

SEPTEMBER- 22 balls in 4 games

  • Tuesday, September 1st VS Mariners- 8 snagged
  • Monday, September 21st VS Angels- 11 snagged
  • Saturday, September 26th VS Rangers- 1 snagged
  • Sunday, September 27th VS Rangers- 4 snagged

I thought I was in for a really good month, the Astros were leading the West on their way to the playoffs for the first time in ten years and the first game against the Mariners, we snagged 8, but the Astros blew the game (and their AL West lead that month). My next scheduled game then was supposed to be on Saturday, September 19th, when a ballhawk from Minnesota, Tony Voda, would be in town (it’s very rare for me to have ballhawkers from out of town come by, since Houston is far from the popular cities) and he wanted me to be on his podcast. It was a good date, and I had it on my schedule already, so why not? I was ready, but my body thought otherwise. A week before the game, I had some pain in my lower right abdominal, which ended up being appendicitis. I ended up had surgery, and despite pleas to my parents to go, I couldn’t attend. It really bummed me out, but I felt good when my tips went to good work when Tony snagged 9 that day (he would have had less if I were there, just saying) I’m sure we’ll meet someday though. 3 days after that game though, I semi-heartedly went to the Astros game against the Angels to ballhawk. I was basically un-mobile, as I couldn’t run as I was still recovering, but somehow, even by walking, I was at the right places, at the right times, and combined we snagged 11 that day. Even disabled, I’m still so good, hah. The next two games we went to were a few days later, part of a weekend series against the Rangers (also the last home regular season games of the year), and they were big because the Rangers were now leading the division, and we needed to win. Both days, there wasn’t BP, but we snagged 1 at the Saturday game, and 2 at the Sunday game, and the Astros won both those games (hell yeah). I remember after the last regular season game, I asked/told my dad, we’re gonna be back here right? We both agreed, and thankfully were right.

OCTOBER- 6 balls in 2 POSTSEASON games 

  • Sunday, October 11th VS Royals (Game 3 of ALDS)- 4 snagged
  • Monday, October 12th VS Royals (Game 4 of ALDS)- 2 snagged

Even though the Rangers won the West, the Astros claimed the 2nd wild card spot, and beat the Yankees in the Wild Card game in New York, to advance. Postseason baseball was a fun, fun, fun blast. I went to both division series games here in Houston, and I really enjoyed myself. In Game 3, I snagged 4 baseballs, including a postseason ball. I blogged about it, which you can read if you haven’t already, HERE. Now, as for Game 4, it was fun too (for the 1st 7 innings, after that, oh no.) we snagged 2 baseballs, but that was overshadowed, because I will never forget that “inning from hell”. This was the worst game ever. My heart was broken, I hardly ever want to talk about this game. We were oh so close, but those goshdarn Royals came back to win this game, and the series. You gotta give them props, though. This was our last game of the season.

2015 was a very good season, in total, we snagged 146 baseballs in 30 games. Not shabby at all. Our best season yet. What made it the best is that we finished in 2nd place for Junior Ballhawk of the Year on mygameballs.com (congrats, Cole) but I’m coming for 1st place next year. That is a goal I have, and I know I can do it.  I am happy for all the memories that this year has brought, and I’m looking forward to ballhawking in my 9th FULL year of ballhawking (technically this is our 10th, but we only ballhawked in 1 game in 2007), but most importantly, seeing the Astros and maybe a World Series Winner. As always, GO ASTROS!