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Offseason Reflections: Top 5 Baseballs Snagged (So Far)

Top 5 Baseballs Snagged (So Far)

  1. 2015 Postseason Ball, Career #418– I snagged this at Game 3 of the 2015 ALDS here in Houston when they faced the Royals (ended up winning the 2015 World Series), and this was the icing on the cake to cap off an Astros win that day. To have finally snagged a ball with a postseason logo was a VERY big accomplishment to myself, but probably not as much as a World Series ball would be. (Your move, 2016 Astros.)
  2. Shea Stadium Commemorative, Career #10– This was the only ball we (my dad & I) snagged back at a game on August 3rd, 2008 when the Astros faced the Mets. We were barely starting our ballhawking careers, and this was our first commemorative baseball (presumably, the Mets brought these from New York.) But, it’s even more special because it was tossed up to us by Pedro Martinez, who ended up being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015. Wow.
  3. Jose Altuve Foul Ball, Career #329– I snagged this at a game on May 29th, 2015, when the Astros faced the White Sox, the game had gone into extras, and I was waiting by the dugout, so when the game ended I could be in great position for an ump ball. With Altuve at bat (who tossed me a ball earlier in that year), he REALLY pulled one foul in MY direction near the dugout. For some reason, I ducked (because it was headed  RIGHT for me) and when I looked back up, the ball was still in the air! It had bounced off a seat and I quickly snatched it up. It was my 8th lifetime foul ball. Also, the White Sox broadcast showed me, and you can see my snag by clicking HERE.
  4. Astros 2013 AL Inaugural Season Commemorative, Career #159- I snagged this on September 18th, 2013, when the Astros faced the Reds. Now even though the ball was commemorative, the story/slight significance of the ball really helped it get on this list. This was a late season game in which the Astros were wrapping up their 3rd straight 100 loss season, so people hardly went to the games, and I knew a security guard who was really relaxed and he let me sit in the 1st row behind the Astros’ dugout the whole night. Remarkably, I only got one ball (this one) the whole night behind the dugout. It came in the top of the 9th, with the game tied, 2 outs, the bases were loaded, and the batter had a 3-2 full count on him. Exciting, right? Well the batter struck out, and I got Carlos Corporan (the Astros’ catcher) to flip me the ball. (My 9th snag of the day) The game ended up going 13 innings, but we had to leave in the 10th inning because my dad said it was a school night. *sad face* I was upset because I needed one more for my first ever double-digit game. Would I have had it? I will never know.
  5. Christian Yelich Foul Ball, Career #202- What a magical day this was. July 26th, 2014. Long story short, I snagged my 200th lifetime ball, and two foul balls that day (BOTH of them were hit by Christian Yelich, ALMOST to the same spot) and this was the second of them. If you would like to read the FULL story, click HERE. It is an article that was published on mygameballs.com (with an inaccurate date though) about my snags that day. 

Thanks for reading, guys! Comments, likes and shares are ALWAYS appreciated by me, and as usual, GO ASTROS!!!