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Commemoratives are Cool- 8/16/16 at Minute Maid Park

St. Louis Cardinals 8Houston Astros 5

I had this game on my schedule for months as the Cardinals, an old NL central rival were making their 1st visit to Houston since 2013, and I heard their BP was pretty solid. Also, coincidentally the Cardinals had just played the Cubs at Wrigley field, and the Cubs were using commemorative baseballs for “100 years at Wrigley Field”. Those who don’t know, home teams provide BP baseballs for the visiting team, and from my “resources”, the Cubs used nothing but the commemoratives during their Home BP’s, so hopefully the Cardinals were given some and still had leftovers for me to snag in Houston. 

I got in at 5, and Astros BP was dead for me. My dad and I both went to left field but he managed a tossup (Ball #1) to at least put us on the board. Can you spot me in the picture below from the Cardinals’ twitter?8-16-cardinals-astros-003

As the Cardinals started BP, their 1st group was mostly lefties and I had a sense they had good power, so I decided to go and play the 2nd deck. Lots of other people had the same idea but I seemed to be the only young, agile kid up there. My move payed off as Matt Carpenter hit a ball right to me, I didn’t even have to move for the easy on-the-fly catch. The few people cheered as if it was a difficult play, but hey, applause is always nice. Our 2nd on the day, I immediately opened my glove after snagging it to see this beauty. binexmhj

Success! After snagging a Blue Jays commemorative just 2 weeks ago, I was happy to have obtained this ball as well. A few minutes later, with Kolten Wong in the cage, he hit me our 3rd ball of the day, as I made a really cool jumping all the up on-the-fly catch. That felt good. Another Cubs commemorative as well! 

I left the 2nd deck as the righties took over, but left field was really crowded so I decided to go to the dugout in search for a tossup when BP ended.  I could really tell that there were more people here than usual (Thanks, Cardinals fans), as you could tell by the sea of red. Two cool things that I did see were: A. that the last group of Cardinals BP were all pitchers! I hadn’t seen that in a while since the Astros moved to the AL (they were raking too!), and B. When the Cardinals jogged off the field, ALL of the Cardinals fans started cheering their team. They were loud too, I had never seen that during BP. I guess they really care about their team. I had no luck  at the dugout, so I caught up after BP with my dad, and photographed our 3 balls that we’d snagged. 8-16-cardinals-astros-005

As for the game, we chilled in the outfield for the mostpart, as the place was crowded, just see this: 8-16-cardinals-astros-002

We watched as the struggling Astros lost the game 8-5. Alex Bregman did hit his 1st major league home run though (in which he went oppo!), which was part of the reason I was in the outfield, and I was bummed he didn’t hit it to me, but the in-game highlight though was that Jose Altuve hit his 1,000th career hit! I periscoped it live, it was a single in the 9th inning, and that was very cool to witness, I love Jose lots (He tossed me a ball in 2015). The Houston crowd went crazy for him. Seeing history being made is so great. He’s our MVP.

Any who, We didn’t snag anything else, no 3rd out balls, no umpire balls, so our total for the day was 3. Solid day, and I had fun catching the commemoratives, even more special that they came from Wrigley Field/The Cubs in the year in which they eventually won the World Series. Cool. 

STATS AFTER THIS GAME: 8-16-cardinals-astros-001

  • 3 balls snagged at this game
  • 125 baseballs in 27 games this season
  • 78 straight games in catching at least one ball
  • Lifetime total: 545
  • Attendance: 30,438



8/3/16 at Minute Maid Park

Toronto Blue Jays 3Houston Astros 1

This was the 3rd game of the 4 game series. I had attended the 1st game of the series (a monday night), and snagged 9 baseballs but remarkably, none of them were commemorative “Blue Jays 40th season” baseballs, which was my goal for this series. I had seen them floating around during BP, but it seemed like I just had tough luck, thus the reason for attending this game. I wasn’t going to be able to go the game the next day, so this was one of my last chances of trying to get that ball. Sure, the Astros were going to Toronto next weekend and maybe bring some back, but I just really hoped to snag one to get my anxiety out of the way.

The crowd at the gate wasn’t that bad, but there was a lot of kids. I knew I was in for a challenge. It was “Pokemon night” (yuck), and it seemed to bring out all of the kids in the Houston area. Unnecessary kids blocking my paths? Were they going to be in the seats? What if they got hit? Damn bad marketing, Astros. IMG_5933

In the time before they opened, I worked on my sign (which you’ll see later) to hopefully help me in my quest. The gates opened at 5 PM, and I headed out to right field, where I snagged my first ball of the day, tossed by Astros coach, Graig Bjornson (bee-yorn-son). Good interaction with him as he told me, “Turn around to the big screen, there’s a pokemon!” Of course I was gulliable enough to do that, but it got him to toss me the ball. Good to be on the board. Thank you! IMG_6018

Our second ball of the day was a HR that my dad snagged in left field, and that was it for Astros BP. I sticked around in Right Field for about 15 minutes and got Aaron Sanchez to toss me our third ball of the day. A regular ball. *sigh* I peeked at everyone around me who snagged a ball, and it seems like all of them were regular. My chances were going down quick. Thank you, Aaron!

After all the lefties were done, I headed out to left center in which I snagged our fourth and fifth balls of the day: A Melvin (B.J) Upton home run that I beat like 4 people out for, and a Marcus Stroman tossup. Both regular balls. Not looking good.

Even worse, was that I didn’t even get to the dugout in time as the Jays walked off the field. Poor calculations by me. So that was it for BP, no commemoratives, but 5 balls on the board. After BP, I met up with some ballhawks that were from out of town, Jacob Webb and Nathan Simon from Illnois. Jacob got shutout during BP (but he managed to snag a ball during the game), and Nathan snagged 2 baseballs. I asked if they had seen any commemoratives floating around, but they said they hadn’t.

Now it may seem like my chances were now extra slim, but I still had hope in one more person. On Monday, about three commemoratives landed in the Astros bullpen and I asked bullpen catcher Carlos Munoz (who I have a nice relationship with at the games, great guy) if I could have one, but he placed all of them in his bag. I noticed this, and asked him on instagram that same night if he could save one for me. As he approached the bullpen to warm up, I held up my sign to him, and he nodded to me. A few minutes later, he approached me and handed me this. IMG_5937

Wow! He’s the best. I thanked him about 1000 times, and went on my way. Thank you SOOOOOO much, Carlos! Our sixth ball of the day. Now, I’m assuming you’re asking by now, “What the hell did your sign say?” Ask and you shall receive. IMG_5935

My goal was accomplished. I spent the game wandering around in foul territory for foul balls, and played the dugouts during the last three innings, but I had no such luck (my dad neither). I tried for my customary umpire ball, but there were an unusual crazy amount of kiddos (screw you, pokemon night), so I had no luck but that was okay, we were very happy with our haul.


FullSizeRender (1)

  • 6 balls at this game
  • 122 baseballs in 26 games this season (4.69 average)
  • 77 straight games catching at least one ball
  • 2nd straight game catching at least five balls
  • Lifetime total: 542
  • Attendance: 29,399

ALDS Game 3 at Minute Maid Park

Playoff baseball in Houston, Texas in 2015? At the beginning of the season, I (and the whole city too) would have NEVER EVER imagined it happening. I was thinking, let’s get back to .500 baseball, and I’ll be really happy. Oh, I love how baseball works. In April, the Astros started off FANTASTIC with an 18-9 start, leaving us in 1st place in the AL West. How’d they start off so good? A major factor was a TEN GAME WINNING STREAK which left me thinking, “oh, thank god, they’re finally going to have a good year.” What an understatement. The Astros ended up most of the season cruising in 1st place (wow!) until the end of the season when the Astros ALMOST collapsed. The Rangers ended up sweeping a 4-game series to take 1st place in the middle of September, but we battled until the last day, and were rewarded with the 2nd AL Wild Card spot.

I couldn’t believe it that they were going to be in the playoffs, even if at the moment it was only for one game. Watching the Wild Card game was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life, because I wanted them to win SO bad. Well, they pulled it off, with a 3-0 victory against the Yankees, and better yet, breaking their hearts in the process. They were now moving on to play in the ALDS against the Kansas City Royals. How confident were we? Well based on this picture taken right after we won the Wild Card Game, I guess you could say, VERY.  ALDS Game 3 023

Now, in advance before the Wild Card game, we bought tickets to Game 4, so when they split the first two games in Kansas City, I knew I would be going, but I never thought that I would have gone to Game 3. We didn’t have tickets, and of course, the games would be sold out, but somehow, my dad got tickets from where he works, and we were set. I was stoked, and couldn’t wait. I was going to be at the first Astros playoff game in TEN LONG YEARS. I went to ALCS Game 2 in Arlington in 2010, and after that experience, even at ten years old, I couldn’t wait until the Astros could bring playoff baseball back to Houston. After the disastrous seasons of 2011-2014, and sticking through it all as a LOYAL Astros fan, this made it well worth the wait.

Finally, the day came of Game 3, we left the house around 9:30 in the morning for the 3:00 game time start. The gates were scheduled to open at 11:30, a full 3 1/2 hours before the game, which for me, was astonishing because that would be the earliest I would ever be getting in. The reason for that time? To accommodate the sell-out crowd, of course. There was going to be a street fest opening at 11, but I wanted NO part in it. The street included the left field gates, which during the regular season for some reason was HARDLY open. With that in mind, I decided to enter at the 3rd base/left field corner gate around 10 AM. I was there. First in line of course. (Thanks Snapchat, for the cool “filter” for this special game.)ALDS Game 3 002

ALDS Game 3 024ALDS Game 3 017Thanks Dad, for the awkward picture but I waited for 1 1/2 hours patiently and started figuring out my “game plan” in that time. One major problem with the gates opening so early, was that by the time I got inside, BP wouldn’t have even started already! The Astros tweeted out that day, that the Astros would begin BP at 12:15, a whole 45 minutes after the gates opened. I knew I was going to have to pick one spot and stay there with the massive crowd. I decided on my normal Astros BP spot in left-center, the only question was if I was to get there quick enough to claim it. As for my dad, I told him, that he NEEDED to claim the corner spot in Left Field. Finally, at 11:30 I got my absolutely BEAUTIFUL ticket scanned, like honestly, take a look at it. ALDS Game 3 016

*heart eyes* Thankfully I was the first one to my spot, and I was excited to be inside, and was very satisfying to see the scoreboard flashing all around the ballpark saying, “Welcome to the American League Division Series.” I was at a playoff game. Now, the hardest part was just waiting for BP to start. ALDS Game 3 012The Astros came on the field around noon to a big roar of cheers from the crowd, especially Colby Rasmus who had just been on FIRE during the first 3 playoff games. Right on time at 12:15, BP started. The small standing room area around me filled in pretty quick and I basically had no place to go. The ball basically had to come directly to ME, but I happened to be one of the only few with a glove, so I had a bit of an advantage. During the whole 45 minute BP, 3 balls came so close to me, and if they landed about 1-2 feet lower, I probably would have had 2 of them if they had not hit the sign above me. You can see the one I’m talking about after my dad just happened to catch a picture of me in my spot from the corner spot that he successfully got. He also got a REALLY nice panorama of the ballpark at the very beginning. ALDS Game 3 026

ALDS Game 3 027Very nice. Anyways, after the Astros were done, I headed out tor right field for Royals BP. It pained me to be stand out there in Royals gear (yes, I brought it, even at a playoff game), but it backfired on me tremendously, as players were barely tossing into the crowd. I thought for sure it would help me stand out wearing blue in a sea of orange, but to avail. Only one hit ball came my way, and I will admit, I totally messed up. The ball came to my left, and I had space maneuvering to it, but at the very last second, I guess I did something with my glove, and instead of an easy catch, the ball tipped of the top of my glove and into a kid’s glove right beside me. If I had a reason to blame, it had been about 3 weeks since my last game with BP (which was my 1st game back after having appendicitis surgery), so I was judging fly balls pretty terribly, I’m assuming. I felt like shit (emotionally) after botching that ball as BP was winding, and I started getting worried that my streak was going to be broken. Before that day, the streak for consecutive games attending with at least snagging one ball was at 49 games. I was really, really confident at the beginning of the day, that I could easily snag one, and finally extend it to 50 games (which to me, is a big accomplishment, as I keep progressing in my career) but I was panicking. I wasn’t watching my dad for the entire BP, and I didn’t know if he snagged anything so I was worried/anxious to catch one.

About 5 minutes before BP ended, a ball rolled to the wall in which a coach (who I couldn’t identify) who had a fungo came walking towards it. I believed my odds of getting the ball was slim since I saw that he didn’t toss anything up throughout BP, but it was worth giving it a shot. I waved my hands like crazy, and thank god that he saw my bright blue shirt. He picked it up, flicked it over the hands of people in the rows in front of me, and right into my glove. WHAT A RELIEF. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a playoff baseball, but I was on the board finally (in a way.) Thank you, unknown Royals Coach with a fungo!!!

BP ended, and I caught up with my dad. Turned out that he managed to catch TWO baseballs in his corner spot. A toss-up from Alex Gordon, and a home run too, so my ball from the Royals coach was actually the 3rd ball of the day. Thanks for the 2 baseballs, Royals! Of course, at a playoff game, he would out-snag ME. I needed some time to relax (and change back into my Astros jersey for the game) so I headed to my ticketed seat in section 108. What a view it was. ALDS Game 3 028

The matchup was going to be good with Edison Volquez starting for the Royals, against Dallas Keuchel who had been unstoppable at home all year, with a 15-0 and an ERA below 1.50 at Minute Maid Park. With those stats, I was very confident that we could get the win today, and go up 2-1 in the series.

On a sidenote, in the days leading up to the game, the Astros kept advertising/tweeting for everyone who was attending to wear orange, and keeping that in mind, as I was looking from my seat at all of the fans, I was amazed to see nothing but orange. It was an amazing sight to see that everyone was ready for this. Ten long years, in the making. ALDS Game 3 003

As the ceremonies came to a wind-down, and George H.W Bush throwing out the first pitch, it was time for the actual game. The Astros came out onto the field with a thundering roar from the crowd, and nobody was sitting down. The “giveaway” if you want to say, was that every single fan received a pair of ThunderStixx (popularized by the Angels during their 2002 championship season) and they were LOUD. Immediately, I loved them, especially in unison. It made the crowd even louder. ALDS Game 3 had officially started. ALDS Game 3 004

The game began with a mini-pitching duel as the game remained scoreless for the first 3 innings. In the 4th, Lorenzo Cain of the Royals hit a MOONSHOT to left field on the 11th pitch of the at-bat, to give them a 1-0 lead. The crowd kept getting more, and more anxious waiting for something to happen, as Volquez was dealing and looked like he was going to have a really good start, until the 5th inning. The Astros managed to get runners on 2nd & 3rd, with one out and Jason Castro at the plate. During the season, he batted in the low .200’s, striking out A LOT. There was two strikes on the count, I thought to myself, “Here comes another strikeout.” He proved me wrong. After going 0-9 in the postseason, he shot one up the middle to drive in both runs to give the Astros a 2-1 lead. The crowd went crazy, it was the first big thing to cheer about finally! I remember jumping up and down ,and everybody was giving anybody high-fives. There was so much love in the building, and I was totally pumped. They added another run in the 6th from a Carlos Gomez RBI single, giving them a 3-1. Finally, the crowd was buzzing going into the late innings, sensing a victory. C(HR)is Carter added another run with an absolute BOMB to left field, extending the lead to 4-1 headed into the 7th inning stretch. In the meantime, I was lucky enough to snag a t-shirt during the t-shirt toss, which was a very bright orange with the words, “Hustle Town” on them, which had become the Astros’ slogan for the postseason. Very, very cool. I put it on for the rest of the game.

As the game started to wrap up, I knew my only chance for a postseason ball was at the Umpire tunnel, it was either a make or break chance. Sure, I was going to be back the next day, but I REALLY felt the need to get it out-of-the-way. Luke Gregerson came on in the 8th, for a 4 out save, and managed to work out of a jam in the 8th. In the 9th, he surrendered an Alex Gordon home run, making the score, 4-2. A base runner was able to get on, to put the tying run at the plate with 2 outs, creating some drama.  At this time, I headed towards the umpire exit in hope of finding an empty edge seat, and thank god I did. I had a great view. I was cheering like mad, I wanted this victory badly (along with the sell-out crowd too), and I just wanted Gregerson to finish him! That’s exactly what he did, striking out Lorenzo Cain swinging to give the Astros a victory, a 2-1 series lead, and ONE win away from the ALCS!

As soon as the game ended on that pitch, I bolted myself as fast as I could, to the front of the umpire tunnel. I was conflicted in those few seconds to maybe go more towards the side of the exit, and not at the top of it, but I decided to stay put. Holy moly, I’m lucky I did. Home plate umpire, Mike Everitt approached, and I spoke as loud (because the crowd was still yelling in joy) as I could and said, “Excuse me, Mr. Everitt! Can I please have a ball!!!” He was almost gone, when he stuck the last ball he had into my awaiting glove. Thank you so much, Mr. Everitt!!! That was our 4th, and final ball of the day. I was so happy as I took it out of my glove, and saw the Postseason logo/stamping on it. I HAD SNAGGED A POSTSEASON BALL. What a way to end an amazing day, for my 2nd playoff game ever, but of course, I enjoyed this one way more better. I couldn’t believe it, and of course, the Astros were in perfect shape to win the series, and to possibly see a clincher the next day, and I would be there to see it, if it did happen? I was pumped for Game 4, and the city of Houston was too. ALDS Game 3 008

On a sidenote, I would really like to thank my dad’s boss, for hooking us up with the tickets for this game (and lots of more games throughout the past few years), and it was really a pleasure to be his guest, to have been able to enjoy this special game. It means quite a lot, as this game provided me memories, in which I will never forget. Sunday, October 11th, 2015. Oh boy, what a fantastic day. ALDS Game 3 001

STATS (after this game)ALDS Game 3 005

  • 4 balls at this game
  • 144 balls this season in 29 games (4.97 average)
  • 50 (!!!) consecutive games with at least one ball
  • 418 lifetime balls
  • 2nd Playoff Game Ever Attended (ALCS Game 2 in Arlington)
  • # of high fives given that day: too many to remember.
  • Attendance: 42,674