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My 2016 (Mock) Hall of Fame Ballot

A few weeks ago, while tweeting to fellow ballhawks about baseball, I thought of an idea that sounded pretty darn good to me. It’s “hall of fame” season, as we, the baseball world, await to see who will get elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. So with this in mind, I asked/wondered if mygameballs.com could hold their own hall of fame “mock election” to see what members think of who is/isn’t a hall of famer. Well thanks to them and Tony Voda (who helped set it up), (surveymonkey too) that came true! It feels nice to at least have contributed something to this great website! Now, it took me until today to make up my mind on who I would vote for, as I really had to think about who would round up my 10 players. And yes, I did vote for the maximum. I just had too. I pretty much based my decisions on three main things: how consistent they were during their career, their overall stats, and how they played the game (character, gritiness). So here are the players that I voted for in the mygameballs.com mock Hall of Fame ballot.

  1. Jeff Bagwell- One of the best 1st basemen of all time, a local guy (slight bias) I rooted for him growing up. He was just feared in those great 90’s Astros teams, and in his career; A 4x All Star, 3x Silver Slugger with a lifetime .297 batting average, and smashing 449 home runs. He’s a HOF’er. (Go Astros!)
  2. Ken Griffey Jr.- I am not going to be the one who leaves The Kid out! What an unbelievable career. A 13x All-Star, 10x Gold Glove Winner, 7x Silver Slugger, and 630 home runs? Wow. Also to even say, the most prettiest swing EVER. The best years of his career came during his first 11 years in the bigs, with the Seattle Mariners. In total, over a 22 year career, he gave all he had, and perhaps he shall be the first unanimous HOF? Who knows, but for sure he’s getting in.
  3. Trevor Hoffman- The closer who just got stuff done. A 7x All Star, 2x Reliever of the Year, averaging almost 40 saves per year, the highest career strikeout rate for a reliever, he was just dominant. And to do it for over 15 years? One of the best Padres’ ever. HOF worthy.
  4. Edgar Martinez- He played hit his position very well. One of the bests, if not THE best DH ever. A 7x All Star, 5x Silver Slugger, a .312 lifetime batting average, he just flat out did his job over his 18 year career, all with the Seattle Mariners.
  5. Fred McGriff- A 5x All Star, 3x Silver Slugger, to me, he was a very consistant power hitter, he averaged 32 Home Runs/102 RBI’s each year, was feared by pitchers, and even though he fell 7 Home Runs short of 500 (which to me, is almost a guarantee to get it), he’s a HOF to me. Won 1 World Series Title w/Braves in ’95.
  6. Mike Mussina- Very underrated dominant pitcher. A 5x All Star, 7x Gold Glover, he had 17 STRAIGHT seasons of winning 10+ games. A .638 lifetime winning percentage record, a constant top 10 Cy Young finisher, even though his ERA may be shaky (AL East Pitcher w/Yankees & Orioles), he’s got my vote. He was great.
  7. Mike Piazza- The best offensive catcher ever. A slash line of .308/.377/.545, a 12x All Star, 10x Silver Slugger, 427 Home Runs, he did very well for a catcher. So, so consistent as a hitter. Best known as a Met. He’s very likely to get in this year in 2016.
  8. Tim Raines- Speed on the bases. A 7x All Star, 3x World Series Champion.  In a 23 year career, an 84.7% stolen base percentage, an excellent .988 fielding percentage, and 4th most stolen bases ever with 808. Excellent way to represent the Expos. 
  9. Curt Schilling- A 6x All Star, 3x World Series Champion, and 3,116 strikeouts. Over his career, he did really well with his teams (Phillies, D-Backs, Red Sox), and he constantly came through, he was also an absolute workhorse. A HOF to me.
  10. Gary Sheffield- A 9x All Star, 5x Silver Slugger, he too was a good power hitter. Averaging 32 Home Runs/105 RBI’s per year (similar to McGriff); he actually made it into the 500 home run club, finishing with 509 over his 22 year career.

Well, that wraps it up. What do you think of my ballot? Agree or disagree with anyone? Did I leave someone out? Please feel free to comment down below and tweet me @Angel__Arroyo. Thank you guys, and I’m looking forward to seeing the feedback, results from the ACTUAL HOF ballots TODAY, and the mock vote from mygameballs.com as well (whenever it is revealed.) Go Baseball!!!