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5/1/11 at Minute Maid Park

My day started off with me going to the game. I arrived to the Brewers taking BP. I got off to a good start by Sean Green tossing me a ball as soon as I got there. I gotted robbed twice and the same kid got both. I almost got #50. That was it. I have no more to say. I’ll hope for better next time. I’m mad so that’s why this blog is so short.


1 ball

Season Balls: 6

Lifetime Balls: 49

Attendence: 23,908

4/14/11 At Minute Maid Park

My dad surprised me by telling me he was going to take me to the game with a single phone call. I prepared to go and we headed off to the 1st game of a 4 game series V.S the Padres. As soon as I got there there was really nothing going on by Padres pitching throwing.

I got on the board and I only got one ball. It was tossed up by Sean Green. Nothing else. Well, except a home run that I chickened out on. That now to me seems crappy. Oh Well. Better luck next time. And now something else that is crappy is that right now when i’m righting this…..I”M SICK…… Stupid roof being open….


1 Ball

Season Balls: 5

Lifetime Balls: 48

Attendence: 20,045

4/10/11 At Minute Maid Park

Today I really redeemed myself. I went to the last game of the series Astros V.S Marlins. This time my whole family went. It was a 1:05 start and I got there as soon as the gates opened. Today they were honoring Michael Bourn for winning his 2nd gold glove and going it in back-to back years.

After getting the bobblehead that they they giving out also. As soon as I got there, the Marlins wouldn’t throw a ball up into the stands like Friday. Finally, Leo Nunez tossed me up a ball, giving me my 1st of the year. About 15 minutes after that, a HR came in MY direction. My dad was with me so he reached over and made a clean catch. About everyone were cheering.

So far I had two balls. I was trying to beg for another one and even trying what Zack Hample has said how to get a player to throw a ball in his new book. Eventually at the end of BP, Edward Mujica tossed one up into the stands and I caught it which gave me three at the end of BP.

I went to go meet up with my mom and show her all three balls. After this I went to go see the Marlins warm-up. I really wasn’t expecting a ball to be tossed to me. Later on, Logan Morrison had went to get a ball from a player’s glove. Soon after, there was only a dirty ball. He looked at it and I guess it was such a disgrace to him, that he tossed up to me because I was the only one watching them. Wow.

After that, the game started and I watched the Astros finally win and later in the game, Mujica came out and pitched. He got ejected after a HBP that he ment to throw at Bill Hall. But they got revenge went the Astros manager and pitcher was ejected for a HBP. It was interesting. I also went down to the batboy to try to get another ball but it appears that they don’t give out the balls anymore at the end of the game. Really disapointing but it was still a good day and I really redeemed myself from friday.


4 Balls

Season Balls: 4

Lifetime Balls: 47

Attendence: 22,299

4/8/11 At Minute Maid Park

This just wasn’t my day. 1st off it was good, but unfortantly I wasn’t able to catch anything. I was close, but was at the wrong place.

 I arrived at the ballpark with my dad and sister for the Astros home opener. We arrived there about 8 minutes after the gates opened so after scaning our tickets, we ran to the crawford boxes for some ball snagging. But the only thing that was on everybody’s eye was the new 124 ft wide, 54 feet tall scoreboard.

As soon as we got there, nothing really came our way. The only time the Marlins threw a ball into the stands was when a coach just threw a ball in my way but the person next to me got it. That was it. My short streak of catching baseballs at 3 straight games would be shattered.

I was really bummed that I didn’t catch anything but I really had fun.

After BP, I headed to my seat and watched the Astros blow another loss in front of 41,042 fans and losing 4-3, and some Friday Night Fireworks.

Today was just such a bummer. Better luck next time. I’m just maybe not in the mood to write right now so that’s why this entry so short.



0 Balls

Season Balls: 0

Lifetime Balls: 43

Attendence: 41,042

10/16/10 at Rangers Ballpark In Arlington

Yes. This was my first game out of Houston. My dad and I went to Rangers Ballpark of hopes to snag another ball, but this time in Arlington. This was game 2 of the Yankees v.s the Rangers. We got there around 10:30. We knew the gates were going to open at 12:00, but we went ahead and looked around the ballpark.

At 12:00, we were the first ones in line so we went running towards the Center Field bleachers. My day got of to a good start as Francisco Cervelli tossed me a ball. It was a practice ball. Then in about 6 seconds after Cervelli tossed me the ball, the first BP home run from Michael Young was coming. There was no one around so after the ball got two rows behind me, I ran across the bleachers and there was my second ball of the day. It was also practice. That ball was kind awesome though because it was the FIRST BP ball that landed in the stands. A few minutes later a ball rolled my way. Jeff Francoeur ended up picking it up and I called him to me and he said, “Hey, Sure Kid.” So tossed it to me to give me my 3rd ball of the day. Another Practice ball.

There was a nice additude from Chris Davis throughout Rangers BP. He ended up fliping me my 4th ball of the day. Another Practice ball. Next, “Frankie” Francisco fliped me my 5th ball of the day after yelling for about 5 minutes. Another Practice ball. Just then I realized something. I needed one more ball to tie my record for most ball in one game. I tried asking players but now they didn’t toss them to Center anymore. Instead, they started to throw them to Left Field fans, and Third baseline fans. Then I had luck. A ball got in a gap in front of me and a ball retriever was walking my way after balls where landing there eather by Home runs, or dropped balls.


I really wished I had a device (which I am working on making to be ready by next year). I asked him for the ball first as walking my way. He said he was going to flip it to me but a freaking kid was putting his glove in front of my glove. I did get the ball to tie my record, that is very annoying but that ball was a original ball.


I just needed one more ball to break it. That’s when Chris Davis ended up fliping me my 7th of the day which broke the record and he fliped me his 2nd ball from him. What a nice guy. When the Yankees started hitting I got a ball from Dustin Moseley which gave me 8. Then later on, a ball a player fliped to me, but a kid PUSHED ME out of my way and he snagged the ball. That just got me angry enough. I let it slide and that’s OK. Talking about Rangers fans. I got one more but my dad gave it away to a grandma for her grandkid. I had a debate if I should have counted the ball. I went ahead and did because all the pro ballhawks do it. Last but not least, Dustin Moseley tossed me another ball. That was it for the day. The Rangers ended up winning 7-2 after a nice preformance from pitching. Me and my dad then both agreed that this was a successful road trip as we headed back in our car ready for the 3 and a half hour drive back to Houston.

I’ll sure miss Arlington. I hope I’ll be back.


9 Balls

Season Balls: 20

Lifetime Balls: 43

Attendence: 50,362

10/1/10 at Minute Maid Park

Yep. I it was one of the Last few games of the year. My dad got home and my family came along. Once I got there I yelled in Left Field for Alfonso Soriano to toss me a ball. He gave me a “Be Quiet” look. I knew he was joking with me. He soon tossed me up a ball. That was my 6th of the year and 29th Lifetime. I just really needed to get # 30. That why I went. My goal was to snag at least 2 balls. Soon enough Esmailin Caridad came over for a ball. He tossed the ball up to me after I asked in spanish for the ball. There it was, # 30. Thank God that I speak spanish.

My next ball of the day was thrown by Sean Marshall who later on talked to a man about 4 seats next to me. Later on another ball rolled my way. A coach came to pick it up and from about 10 feet away he threw it to me. There was my record tied of 4 balls in one game. Yes it’s a weak record but I was just starting my ballhawking career. Next up a ball came my way but it went pass into the hall. As it was over there, I grabbed a stairway and as I didn’t know what was coming then……


A ball hit me in the left hand. The pain was just so intense, people started scrambling for the ball but for some unknown reason, they never offered me the ball. Yeah I had 4 balls already but I got hit. That was OK but my hand hurt so freaking bad. Luckly, the roof was open allowing fresh air to come in. I sat down back to my seat and took it like a man and continued to snag baseballs.

None of the power hitter were even hitting balls into the seats. No wonder the Cubs haven’t won a World Series for 108 years. Later on a ball rolled my to someone. The Cubs were lined up in a row doing something. I yelled despritely for the ball. Carlos Silva had it and once again I asked for the ball in spanish. He soon walked to the coach that tossed me a ball. Oh no. I thought he wasn’t going to toss it to me. Luckly, he did toss it to me and I think I know why. The coach had saw the ball hit me and I guess he let me get another one.


That was it for BP. We went down to our seats and enjoyed the game. Before the games, I showed off my balls to my mom but then a ball rolled loose going down the rows. I really gotta thank anyone for not being there and I picked it back up. During the t-shirt toss in the 4th inning, I got out of the row and soon enough the t-shirt landed 4 rows in front of me. I moved up to my prediction of where it would land. It landed on the floor and I slid head first and grabbed the shirt with my glove. I had my first t-shirt launch shirt and luckly I didn’t get kicked or anything.

The Cubs ended up winning 2-0 but in the 9th I asked my mom since we were 2 sections away if I could go to where the batboy was. As soon as the final out was recorded I ran over there. He gave the 1st 2 balls to kids but thank god since I was there 1st one there, the batboy put a ball in my glove. I couldn’t believe it. My mom told me there was no chance I would get a ball put never underestimate. We stayed around for the Friday night fireworks and this was a good game at all. A new record for balls in a game, a t-shirt, and a nice game.


6 Balls

Lifetime Balls: 34

Season Balls: 11

Attendence: 33,869