My 2018 (Mock) HOF Ballot

“The Astros Ballhawk” has been revived!

My ballot, which has been revised since my last post in 2016:

  • Chipper Jones– One of the best switch hitters of all-time, a part of the legendary Braves’ team of the 90’s & 10’s, a lifetime .303 hitter, 468 home runs, averaged easily 100+ RBI’s per year, an OPS of .930, a real humble star, he represented a true team player, easily should get in this year.
  • Jim Thome– 612 home runs alone should be enough to get into the HOF, but statistically one of the best first basemen of all-time, a true power bat throughout the 90’s/2000’s, also the nicest player ever in the history of MLB, a true role model, a very good eye at the plate with his .956 OPS, HOF’er.
  • Vlad Guerrero– One of the most feared sluggers of his era, Vlad was consistently a MVP candidate year after year, a lifetime .318 hitter, a very durable and productive player (449 Home Runs?!) in only 16 seasons, should be inducted as an Expo!
  • Jeff Kent– A very deserving 2nd basemen, who’s numbers compared to fellow 2B’s in the HOF fare very favorably, a .290 lifetime hitter, including a stretch from 1997-2005 in which he averaged 30+ HR’s, 110+ RBI’s, 45 XBH per year. He has earned a spot on my ballot for the first time.
  • Trevor Hoffman– The closer who just got stuff done. A 7x All Star, 2x Reliever of the Year, averaging almost 40 saves per year, the highest career strikeout rate for a reliever, he was just dominant. And to do it for over 15 years? One of the best Padres’ ever. HOF worthy.
  • Edgar Martinez– He played hit his position very well. One of the bests, if not THE best DH ever. A 7x All Star, 5x Silver Slugger, a .312 lifetime batting average, he just flat out did his job over his 18 year career, all with the Seattle Mariners.
  • Fred McGriff– A 5x All Star, 3x Silver Slugger, to me, he was a very consistent power hitter, he averaged 32 Home Runs/102 RBI’s each year, was feared by pitchers, and even though he fell 7 Home Runs short of 500 (which to me, is almost a guarantee to get it), he’s a HOF to me. Won 1 World Series Title w/Braves in ’95.
  • Mike Mussina– Very underrated dominant pitcher. A 5x All Star, 7x Gold Glover, he had 17 STRAIGHT seasons of winning 10+ games. A .638 lifetime winning percentage record, a constant top 10 Cy Young finisher, even though his ERA may be shaky (AL East Pitcher w/Yankees & Orioles), he’s got my vote. He was great.
  • Curt Schilling– A 6x All Star, 3x World Series Champion, and 3,116 strikeouts. Over his career, he did really well with his teams (Phillies, D-Backs, Red Sox), and he constantly came through, a clutch postseason preformer, an absolute workhorse. A HOF’er to me, despite him being a complete douche since his playing days (to hell with politics!)
  • Gary Sheffield– A 9x All Star, 5x Silver Slugger, he too was a good power hitter. Averaging 32 Home Runs/105 RBI’s per year (similar to McGriff); he actually made it into the 500 home run club, finishing with 509 over his 22 year career. I’ve taken his PED accusations into account, but compared to Bonds/Clemens, I see him in a postitive light, and his numbers are definitely worthy.

What do you guys think? Make sure to stay tuned to my blog for more posts as I believe I am reviving this blog! Follow me on twitter @angel__arroyo. The actual results come in today, and I can’t wait!


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