Houston, we have a BallhawkFest Bid…

Let’s get it. Hello everyone, it is me, “The Astros Ballhawk”, Angel Arroyo! As many of ya’ll know around the ballhawking world, this year’s edition of BallhawkFest is totally up for grabs! The president of mygameballs.com, Alan, has allowed anyone to submit a bid for their city to host it with the decision being announced around opening day. Now, BallhawkFest is a one-time-per-year tradition that started in 2011, and throughout all of these years, the host location has been in stadiums all over the east coast, since the majority of MGB’s members are located in that area. (Stadiums used: OPACY, Nationals Park, Citi Field, Citizens Bank Park) With nowhere else to really go, I’m assuming that this fueled Alan towards having an olympic-style bidding process very much. Now, as a teenage southern stuck in Texas, I’m not able to travel a whole lot, and with VERY little competition/members being located in my area, this really makes me feel a bit disconnected from the community, therefore I feel like it is time for a change in 2016. I’d really like to bring BallhawkFest to the beautiful city of Houston, Texas, and more precisely, Minute Maid Park, the home of the Astros. Hopefully this will be the winning bid, but if not, it’s okay. I just had a lot of fun planning this out. Get ready to be convinced.


Stadium: Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas

Date: Saturday, July 23rd, 2016: Los Angeles Angels Vs Houston Astros

Activities: Home Run Derby, Lunch, the game!

Where will they take place?

Home Run Derby (still needs to be ironed out, main part of proposal that needs help!): Dekaney High School, Spring, Texas (Permission/Permit needed) OR Other (Time: Around 11/12 o’clock.)

Lunch: Jackson Street BBQ, 209 Jackson Street, Houston, Texas, 77002 (Time: Around 1/2 PM)

The Game: Minute Maid Park, 501 Crawford Street, Houston, Texas, 77002. (Starts at 6:10 PM, gates open at 4 PM.)

T-Shirt Design

This was created by myself on customink.com and will include your name and # of baseballs you’ve snagged on the back (keeping on with the tradition), and will cost you around $25. To me, it’s a solid shirt that will really make you feel very Texan. watermarked_big


I don’t have any as of yet (if anyone is interested, please contact me!), but I may have two companies/organizations that will be willing to provide one! We will see.

Marketing Strategies 

This blog, obviously will be one of the main marketing tools that I use, along with my twitter, and instagram to promote BallhawkFest. A special podcast may be held too. Also, our friends/members attending will tweet, instagram, have podcasts about the event as it comes near. There has been an account created on Twitter too for BallhawkFest, and if Houston does win, we will use that to provide important details about the event. We are going to make this as big as we can, after all, everything’s bigger in Texas.

Why Houston/Minute Maid Park? 

  • The weather– we have a roof for goodness sake! You’ll be cozy no matter what, if the roof is open, you’ll see and feel the nice warm Houston air in the ballpark at nighttime, and if closed, it’s a comfy 72 degrees inside, leaving everyone happy. No threats of rain for the game, plus this can be the first BallhawkFest game to be played indoors, interesting indeed.
  • Locations– Everywhere will be easy to get to, plus the restaurant I have planned for the lunch, is right in front of Minute Maid Park. No rushes equal fun, fun, fun.
  • Date– It’s on a Saturday, thus making logistics a bit more better for scheduling flights and such. Everyone can make it!
  • Minute Maid Park/The Game- One of the most beautiful parks in the MLB.
  • Tal’s Hill makes it unique
  • Visiting Team (Angels) have good power hitters with Trout, Pujols and others. More power equals a lot of balls for everyone.
  • Gates open a whole two hours before gametime.
  • Wanna get Trout’s autograph? Bingo.
  • Not much competition for ballhawking
  • More autographs seekers here, thus making more space in the outfield for ballhawking
  • Home Team (Astros) are VERY friendly, you’ll get to see them take BP, plus you can snag a homer from power hitters like Correa, Springer, Rasmus, Valbuena, etc.
  • Attendance will be around 30,000, average for a Saturday night.
  • No scheduled giveaways
  • You can cross it off your list of stadiums visited!
  • You can say that you’ve finally been to Texas
  • You’ll taste the best BBQ in Houston. Yee-haw.
  • Compared to East Coast stadiums, this one is a bit better for ballhawking.
  • You can go everywhere before the game. No dugout restrictions.
  • No rude ushers, very polite.
  • You’re going to see a good game, with an AL West showdown.
  • You get a cool t-shirt!!!
  • Most of all: you’re going to have a fantastic time.

Now, this wraps up my proposal, which I believe was really solid, and thanks for listening! I had fun doing this, and hopefully we come out on top, but still, much luck to Target Field’s bid (which is the only other one now that I believe has been submitted and discussed about).

If you have any questions/comments, please DM me at my twitter, @Angel__Arroyo. We have a good turnout planned, and as always, go Astros (and BallhawkFest.)

One comment

  1. Zack Hample

    That’s a great proposal. It would be fun to see you and Trout and the Astros. Still not sure at this point if I could make it, but this does sound like fun.

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