2016 Road Trip?

Sure, it’s still a few months away, but with Baseball season lurking soon, planning needs to start NOW. I really, really would love to take a road trip to visit a new ballpark in 2016, and so far I still have to talk about it with my dad, but it’s either going to be a trip to Turner Field (sadly, its last season, but they might use commemoratives) or a trip to the reigning world champions ballpark, the Royals’, Kauffman Stadium. They’re both around 12 hours away (yes, we would drive) from Houston. Going any further and extending it (only with the KC trip, maybe extend onto St. Louis and/or Minnesota) would be funner, but more exhausting and everything. I even have two possible dates set already! If we were to go to Atlanta, it would be July 2nd, a Saturday game against the Marlins (might draw low if they keep sucking), but for a Kauffman Stadium trip, it would be a Saturday too, June 25th against… the Astros! I could go see my hometown team and travel with them! Decisions, decisions though. There’s so much planning that goes into it, but there’s still time. I’ve also been thinking, since many other ballhawks want to visit Atlanta in 2016, why not come for the same game/time? It would be like the 1st ever “Ballhawkfest South”. Just an idea. Comments about this idea below, are appreciated. I just greatly advise all ballhawks to take a road trip in 2016 (come to Houston everyone!) because new experiences are fun! Who knows, you might even want to go back. Thanks for reading, and as of now as I’m typing this in Houston on New Year’s Eve @ 10 PM, I wish ya’ll all a happy new year in 2016 & Happy Ballhawking!

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