A late Christmas Wishlist for the 2016 Astros

Dear Santa,

In 2016 from the Astros, I would really love to see a World Series championship in Houston, but before that, I feel like the main priority we have is AT LEAST getting to the ALCS. After what happened this year in being SIX goshdarn outs away & the baseball gods blessing the Royals to lead an unbelievable comeback and crush Astros fans hearts everywhere (but especially me, since I was there!). I KNOW that this team is 6 outs better than last year. If we can just do that first, it would mean a lot, and then getting to the World Series, and winning it all? It would make up for all the years (2011-2014) of pure sorrow from us Astros fans when they were absolutely TERRIBLE, and also for the postseason loss this year.

Also, I wish for Jon Singleton to STEP IT UP this year, if he’s going to be the starting 1st baseman this year. He does well in Triple-A, but every time we bring him up, he has little success. If he can solidify, and bring that power bat that’s killing Minor League Pitching, that would be AMAZING.

Everywhere else, I think we’re good. I wish Jose Altuve wins another gold glove, and has 200+ hits, I wish Carlos Correa has a STELLAR season & maybe wins AL MVP? I wish Colby Rasmus brings his postseason magic to us in the 2016 regular season & hits majestic home runs.  I wish for Dallas Keuchel to win another Cy Young and to lead our staff again, and that the other 4 starters (probably McHugh, McCullers, Fiers & another person) have TERRIFIC seasons too so that we shall have the best rotation in the AL West. I wish that our bullpen (now solidified with the acquisition of Ken Giles, and resigning of Tony Sipp) blows less games and is lights OUT. So yeah I hope that isn’t too much, because all of this would really make me (and the whole city of Houston happy.)

Thanks, Angel.

P.s- I also wish that we win the division and the silver boot series so we can rub it in those damn Rangers face! I don’t wanna let it slip away (the AL West title) because we’re gonna own Texas now. GO ASTROS!!! image

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