10/16/10 at Rangers Ballpark In Arlington

Yes. This was my first game out of Houston. My dad and I went to Rangers Ballpark of hopes to snag another ball, but this time in Arlington. This was game 2 of the Yankees v.s the Rangers. We got there around 10:30. We knew the gates were going to open at 12:00, but we went ahead and looked around the ballpark.

At 12:00, we were the first ones in line so we went running towards the Center Field bleachers. My day got of to a good start as Francisco Cervelli tossed me a ball. It was a practice ball. Then in about 6 seconds after Cervelli tossed me the ball, the first BP home run from Michael Young was coming. There was no one around so after the ball got two rows behind me, I ran across the bleachers and there was my second ball of the day. It was also practice. That ball was kind awesome though because it was the FIRST BP ball that landed in the stands. A few minutes later a ball rolled my way. Jeff Francoeur ended up picking it up and I called him to me and he said, “Hey, Sure Kid.” So tossed it to me to give me my 3rd ball of the day. Another Practice ball.

There was a nice additude from Chris Davis throughout Rangers BP. He ended up fliping me my 4th ball of the day. Another Practice ball. Next, “Frankie” Francisco fliped me my 5th ball of the day after yelling for about 5 minutes. Another Practice ball. Just then I realized something. I needed one more ball to tie my record for most ball in one game. I tried asking players but now they didn’t toss them to Center anymore. Instead, they started to throw them to Left Field fans, and Third baseline fans. Then I had luck. A ball got in a gap in front of me and a ball retriever was walking my way after balls where landing there eather by Home runs, or dropped balls.


I really wished I had a device (which I am working on making to be ready by next year). I asked him for the ball first as walking my way. He said he was going to flip it to me but a freaking kid was putting his glove in front of my glove. I did get the ball to tie my record, that is very annoying but that ball was a original ball.


I just needed one more ball to break it. That’s when Chris Davis ended up fliping me my 7th of the day which broke the record and he fliped me his 2nd ball from him. What a nice guy. When the Yankees started hitting I got a ball from Dustin Moseley which gave me 8. Then later on, a ball a player fliped to me, but a kid PUSHED ME out of my way and he snagged the ball. That just got me angry enough. I let it slide and that’s OK. Talking about Rangers fans. I got one more but my dad gave it away to a grandma for her grandkid. I had a debate if I should have counted the ball. I went ahead and did because all the pro ballhawks do it. Last but not least, Dustin Moseley tossed me another ball. That was it for the day. The Rangers ended up winning 7-2 after a nice preformance from pitching. Me and my dad then both agreed that this was a successful road trip as we headed back in our car ready for the 3 and a half hour drive back to Houston.

I’ll sure miss Arlington. I hope I’ll be back.


9 Balls

Season Balls: 20

Lifetime Balls: 43

Attendence: 50,362

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